Thursday, December 01, 2011


You know what posting everyday for a month about thankfulness taught me? How unthankful I really am. Read my mood by my words and follow the madness in my thoughts as the month goes on. How disappointing! I am sort of a gloomy winter person, but this little exercise has really highlighted my self pity.

Last night one of Ryan's sisters was admitted to the ICU. She has been ill for over a week but just trudging through. I feel awful that I have been wrapped up in my own sadness and haven't been able to look outside to see how others are doing.

Yesterday Ryan and I spent a good amount of time googleing gifts for the kids. We never actually came up with something we could agree on. It was such a futile attempt and a major time waste. Then on facebook this morning I saw this.

I want that,too. How can I teach my kids how to not want? They have so much yet they want more.

Last night, the kids and I completed the second day of the Jesse Tree journey. The theme was God's love. We were created from dust of the earth out of LOVE. I think that is what is missing in my world right now. Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone woke up every morning and led their day in love? Said only loving words, performed only loving actions, used their talents to show love in every thing they do...The world would be an amazing place. Heaven.

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