Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Gifts

It has been so "cold" the last few mornings that our morning workouts have been slippery. I keep pinching myself and thinking, is this really December? We are still outside every morning and though we can see our breath, it is wonderful to be able to walk and run outdoors yet.

Christmas came and went. Unfortunately this year, the most popular gift was the pukes. It was awful. The flu spread like wildfire through our family. I think everyone experienced it in one way or another.

So, the new year starts tomorrow and I pray that it will bring good health to everyone. Goodbye 2011 hello 2012.  Here is a photo recap of our Christmas.

 Feeding the reindeer before Christmas Eve church. They are OUTSIDE, mind you, without a sweater or jacket :)
I missed getting a photo of her playing at the piano, but Maleah was one of the pianist's before church on Christmas Eve. Here we sit in our pew with our candles ready to sing Silent Night.
Then we went to Grandma Bonnie's and ate a ton of soups and breads. Then we opened presents from her.
Pajama cousins. I heart the Children's place.
We opened gifts at home on Christmas morning. Then after daddy had to use a saw to cut the rusted running boards off the Suburban (do you really even want to know why?) we headed to Scotland, SD.
 Where we opened more gifts.
Addi loved her Furr Real Pet from Grandma Gordon.
  Gavin went to work putting together his lego's a few minutes after opening them.
 Uncle Russ and the girls.
 Most of the afternoon was spent outside. The kids picked up several buckets of walnuts and the boys played football. Later on we started a fire and some even sang carols. What memories!
Gavin snapped this photo of Nora the morning after Christmas. I think she needed some quiet time. Is that even comfortable?

See you next year!
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