Wednesday, December 14, 2011

less than 12 days

It's getting closer...I finally decided what to do for Maleah's birthday next week. She has been BEGGING for a snow party, sledding or skating but since we have neither snow nor ice...we'll see.

I am still crazy busy. I quickly typed a Christmas letter that took me longer to condense to two pages than write in its entirety. Sigh.

A friend was telling me her Christmas plans. They plan to take their kids to the big city, give them some cash and let them choose how to "pay it forward". I LOVE that idea. I just think it would be an amazing memory making and character building activity. She told me days ago and it is still all I can think about.

One of the blogs am reading, Average Moms Wear Capes, is doing something cool. She is doing the 12 days of fitness with a new activity each day to help battle those calories from cookies. I have eaten my share and more of bing bars already so I am participating:)

For these last few days before Jesus' birthday I am challenging all my friends, family and readers to listen to Matthew West, and my pay it forward friend, and Give This Christmas Away.
Do something for someone, it doesn't have to cost money, it could be opening a door or holding a hand. Do something. Come back here and let me know about it. I think you will be amazed at how wonderful it will make you will feel. 'Tis so much better to give than receive!

I can't wait to hear about every one's experiences giving!
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