Thursday, January 26, 2012


And just like that the world comes crashing down.

It snowed, it got cold, I stopped running a mile a day, I am more than a week behind now. I think the challenge has officially beat me :(

Ryan has been working working working. I think the busy season has started. Between work at the hospital and first responder calls he barely has a free moment.

Ryan's aunt passed away early Saturday morning. Too sudden, it is a shock the family is still reeling from. I can't even talk about it yet, sorry.

My sister and I have plans to start up the supper club again. With a few tweaks to make it more fun and less work. I pray that I can do it, I enjoy spending time with her and my friends and the food is an added bonus.

The sun peeked out today from behind all the clouds and fog that was around earlier this week. It felt so nice. I wanted to take the girls to daycare so I could go for a run. But I didn't.

They were sitting downstairs putting puzzles together on the floor and I opened the patio blinds to let the sun shine in. "My back is too hot, mom. Close it." Addison told me. So I did.

The sun melted most of the walks so I scraped the neglected snow chunks and ice mush off while the girls pushed themselves down the hill in the backyard on sleds. It was so warm they tossed their soggy mittens aside.

Then I came in and listened to the radio. The weather man said we may get two inches in the morning. Oh well, pushing snow off the walks has to count as a workout. It's no 7 miles, though :)

My mom is getting married (Congratulations Mom!) and this Friday we have plans to look at the location, reception hall and, of course, dresses :)

If you see someone you love today, touch them, hug them, tell them that you love them. Don't waste a moment for this life here on earth is only a temporary one...
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