Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Nora was dressed by the door before 7 am this morning just waiting to go out in the snow. It wasn't even light yet when she finally couldn't take it any longer and begged her biggest sister to get the sleds. They played for an hour or better. I couldn't even drag them in with bribes of hot chocolate and marshmallows. I am telling you the difference between 2 and 3 and 3 and 4 is HUGE. They were totally independent. Got the sleds for each other. Pulled them up the hill, pushed themselves down. Snow in the face, no big deal. The opposite of last year. They are growing up. Sniff, sniff...

I just had to record some of their first snow day wisdom;

Nora to her sister, "Don't sled on (dog) poop, just the white stuff."
Addi to momma who still had shower wet hair until we went out and it froze, "mom, your hair is crazy"
"We want to sled more"..chanted repeatedly when I asked them to come in.
Nora, to no one in particular, "Wow, snow is cold!"
Addi, "Look at my snow angel, mom, she is just my size."
Nora, "Shiloh (the dog) wants me to push her on the sled mom."
Nora to Addi, "Rolling down the hill is faster, Addi."
Nora, to Addi after I finally convinced them to come in, "don't tell mom, I brought a snack in, it's snow."

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