Thursday, January 05, 2006

Choosing to stay home

I've been feeling sort of like I made the wrong decision to stay home with my children, seeing the holiday bills pile up and getting job offers from friends. Sioux Falls, SD, which is 35 miles from here was just reported as having the highest number of working mom's in the nation. I agree that we are a hard-working state. Our mores and ideals have taught us to value a hard days work. But, is this really something we should be proud of, something for the 6 o'clock news headlines? Just last night a friend told me her 31 year old acquaintance just died of cancer and she would have given anything to spend one more hour, minute, second with her child.

Nope, I am sure, now more than ever, that I made a good choice. I can do without cable TV, high speed internet, and a second cell phone. My kids know I am here and that I will take care of them. Each day we play together I am getting to know their personalities and their little behaviors. It is MY job to teach them how to share, my job to take care of them when they are sick, my job to show them the world and teach them how is works. God gave me these beautiful children and I will take care of them. I know there will be days that I wish I was at "the office". I know times will be tough. I'm ready for the challenge. Bring it on.
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