Sunday, January 29, 2006

My sister shares her horror stories

These are from my sister, they are so funny I had to share....thanks Jo!

"my kids are perfect...

That is if you exclude the time Rafe hammered dents in R&R's basement door...
and the time the boys cut their own hair...
and also the time they emptied an entire bottle, family size of course, of chocolate syrup on themselves, olivia's bed and floor.
oh yeah, and the time rafe got mad at me for putting him in time out so he pulled down his pants and peed on his bed.
and just last night when ira took the tubes of kiddie toothpaste into the bathtub, filled them with water and shot streams of toothpaste water all the way to the ceiling. I rather enjoy the aqua blue splotches as decor and the bathroom smells minty fresh.
i guess my only advantage is having so many i can't take them all into public unless my wonderful "iron hand" husband is along. so all our moments happen at home or relatives houses.
but that means my house is a disaster area. the boys are constantly taking clothes out of their dresser and throwing them around their room. the dishes are never done, i can't keep up with laundry and if i should happen to step on the floor under the dining room table, I have to slip my foot out of my sock so I can move again.
ahhhh, there's no place like home."

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