Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wanna join the band?

Last night was my husband's work Christmas Party. I have gone to a few of these over the years. We have been to a comedy club and a brewery. My dh is in shift work at a hospital, so about every other year he works the night of the party. Anyway, this year the entertainment was a local band "DNR". The band consists of about 12 members, doctors, a lawyer, nurses and LPN's, and even a newsman from a local television station. They play oldies and rock and roll music. It was nice to see the "other side" of some of these people. They really enjoy themselves. At one point the percussionist was riding on top of the crowd, banging his cowbell while several co-workers put dollar bills in his belt. It was a PARTY. I wonder how some of these people will be able to face each other back at the hospital. But really, it got me thinking. I love to sing. The lead woman singer is a nurse who belted out the Shania Twain song "Feel like a Woman" in her alto bravado. The backup singers sang harmony as did the guitar and base and the keyboarders. I should get a bunch of my mommy friends together and start a band. We could call ourselves the M&M's "Mommy's making Music". We could get together once a month and jam in one of our garages while our hubbies watched the kids. We would book local gigs and work only when we wanted to. I can sing and play the clarinet, anybody else know how to play an instrument? Yeah, I think I'll just keep dreaming.
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