Thursday, May 03, 2007

my little jumping bean...

When I was younger my mom would let me go to the General Store and charge a snack after school. Right by the register there was a piece of cardboard with a dozen or so little plastic boxes hanging on it. There were colored beans in the boxes and every once in a while you would hear them 'tink,tink' against the plastic wall of the box. They were Mexican jumping beans. They were pretty amazing.

Today while I was at the doctor, she was listening for the baby's heart beat. The microphone would pick up several loud wooshing sounds and then stop. After several minutes my doctor said, "well if baby ever stops kicking I could check the heartbeat for you." I got up enough nerve to tell her I thought I could feel it for several days now. I was sure she would shake her head in dismay, but she only said, "It is your third one and you know what it feels like." I do know what it feels like. It feels like a flutter and sometimes a flick. Like when I was younger and my mom would try to clean out my belly button, a pang or a spasm from my pelvis bone to my mid-belly section. My own little jumping bean. It is really amazing. I can't wait for the kids and daddy to feel it from the outside. It will be awhile before that happens.
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