Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Weekend Update from ME...

All right. Here is what you get when I am too tired to update daily. A few days full of updates in one neat and tidy post.

Mother's Day! We celebrate a day early here at our house considering for the last 15 years Mother's day has always meant opening day for amateur baseball. This year I invited my mom over after Saturday night church for a bbq. I only had to boil two batches of potatoes to get them right for potato salad and BONUS, I have smashed potatoes and onion in the freezer for a fast reheat some night. My problem is I try to do everything at once. At the same time I was boiling the potatoes I was doing the dishes, sorting laundry and reading stories to the kids. I turned the burner off after about 12 minutes and then completely forgot about them while they continued to cook in the hot water for another good 20 minutes or so...speaking of which, I am frying hamburger right now?!?!!?! My brother and his wife and son were here also and we grilled and played t-ball until almost dark.

Sunday the Muckdogs won their first game, My dh pitched 5 innings and got a home run, or so he tells me I spent the afternoon enjoying the company of adults and crocheting a blanket. My kinda ballgame...

Monday was a blur, can't even remember what I did. Today, I hardly pulled into the driveway before my dd had to tell me about the baby bunnies they found when daddy was mowing the yard. Seven tiny balls of fur and some don't even have their eyes open. (Much better than a family of snakes living under my porch, right cg?) I fear the dog, Shiloh, will 'take care of them' though.

Dd's preschool graduation is tonight. I hope to take some snapshots with my almost dead camera.