Monday, December 10, 2007

attention deficit

This picture is from last week. I was really going to post it, then got sidetracked, who me?

Anyway; apple crisp, nursing and keyboards do not make company. It was a sticky ooey goey mess and I am surprised the keys still work. In other computer news the right click button on my mouse has quit working. I never knew how important that little clicker was...

#1 lost another tooth and I am embarrassed to say the tooth fairy got caught in the bad weather we had and was unable to collect. My heart fell to my feet when I saw her face as she realized the fairy had not come. Amazingly enough, while we were at church that morning, she was able to visit. It MUST have been the snow that slowed her down. It couldn't be that her brain is completely fried and sleep deprivation has caught up with her in a bad way...
This morning #1 noticed another loose tooth. I am going to try and be on top of this one in case the tooth fairy's presence is requested in the next few days. Pray for me.

It's cold today. This morning the door was frozen shut. I don't like taking #3 out on days like this. BRRRRRR
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