Monday, December 03, 2007

to the person who invented the vibrating bouncy seat!

May GOD bless you today and everyday!

SHHHHHHHHHHH, she is sleeping.

I love her, I love her, I love her.

But she won't sleep anywhere but people arms. I try to get her to take naps in the bassinet, and some days she will scream herself into a sleep coma for a short time. While I am putting my finger into her nostrils every 15 minutes to be sure she is still breathing...

So this morning after holding her close all night (just like the other 5 and 1/2 weeks of nights) I drug out the old bouncy seat. I just happened to remember batteries at the $100 dollar store last week and now we can use the vibrate function, too. I snuggled her in tight and hopped into the shower for (what I thought to be) my 5 minutes of clean up. I was conditioning my hair when I realized it. She was quiet. Not a whimper. I peeked out from behind the shower curtain. She was wide-eyed. Looking and and her lower lip was quivering, but not from crying. From the rapid vibrations of the seat. It was amazing. It was also a bit saddening. I have to resort to sudo- rocking to get her to calm down. No more screaming in my arms and watching her eyes roll back and forth in her tiny head until she finally shuts them while my head is spinning and I am completely dizzy. Maybe this is a good thing? No, THIS. IS. A. GREAT. THING.

She is currently taking her 2nd, sudo-rocking, vibrating, bouncy, chair, nap of the day. AMEN!

I wonder what all that vibrating is doing to her baby head. Are these things safety tested? Part of me doesn't want to worry, I am finally hands free again. Look out kitchen, here I come...
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