Thursday, December 20, 2007

here's why I have been a bad blogger...

It's been crazy here, as I am sure every one's home is this time of the year. We are all on antibiotics at the moment, except #3, of course. She sounds the worse, though. I just can't stand to hear a baby cough. We have all had our noses swabbed or fingers pricked and the best the doctor can come up with is our blood counts are just bad enough to warrant a bit of the old zithromax.

Today I am finishing up a bit of the baking for Christmas and #1's birthday. My hands are raw and bleeding from washing so often. I am pretty much done, though. Ginger bread cookies, dipped Ritz peanut butter sandwiches, peanut blossoms, brownies with Reese's cups, homemade Snickers and Bing bars and chocolate coated pretzels are in the freezer waiting to be devoured. I just can't make it unless chocolate is an ingredient. The round cakes for the palace cake for #1's birthday are in the freezer,too. As this is my next venture. I will try an decorate it this afternoon and snap a photo. I hope it doesn't flop. Last week as we were baking I watched out the window as some construction workers were taking down a building, it was quite a site. The photo does not do it justice.

Of course the weather is looking down for tomorrow and I am planning on taking my whole family plus 5 of #1's classmates into town for swimming and pizza to celebrate her 6th birthday. Too bad I was on the ball this year and sent out invites 2 weeks early or we could have just went ice-skating for her birthday...

All the presents have been delivered. Thanks, er um... Santa.
Most are wrapped and under the tree. I have overdone it again this year. Those $5 toys are so easy to buy and wrap and I know that the box they came in will probably bring more minutes of play time for the kids. But, I can't stop myself. Brrr, there is a definite spending freeze in my future. You know what they have been playing with the most lately? The stockings!

The Christmas cards have been sent. I wrote a quickie letter on the 6th and finally got my photos in the mail a week later. Then the magnets I ordered for some cards were too heavy and needed an extra 17 cents to mail. AARRGGHHH. But, they are out. So far, I haven't gotten any cards from anyone who wasn't on my mailing list. But I am sure I will soon and then I will spend time mulling over whether I should make up more cards and send them or not. Happens every year. I drive myself nuts.

#2 has his Christmas program tonight. The other day we were out shopping and found him a orange sherbet shirt and navy and orange tie. He was so excited. I told him he would look so sharp. On the way home he drowsily said to me,"Mom, I need to sharpen my hair" I figured he was dreaming but he continued."if I put some spray in it like daddy then I will match my sharp clothes."

I got a half of a Christmas card in the mail today from my auntie. It looked like an alligator took a bite out of it. It was in a clear window envelope from the postmaster that apologized in a few proper paragraphs that try as they might to be perfect, accidents happen. The top half of the card was gone, but the bottom part with the message from my auntie was clear as day and I thought to myself how lucky I was that it didn't get eaten from the other cup is half full today, must be the antibiotics talking...
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