Monday, March 17, 2008

Find the butterfly...

I knew that they said the snow was coming. I just didn't picture it happening so fast. When we woke this morning there was a thick blanket of the white stuff all over and it is still falling like huge puffy cotton balls from the sky. So I am glad we got to pretend for a few hours this weekend that it was summer in the hot, balmy, flight room at the butterfly house. The kids really loved it, although the only photo I got doesn't really prove it. The littlest one was more concerned with trying to grab and eat the vegetation and the middle guy kept running from the bugs while the oldest sat forever like a statue waiting for one of the precious creatures to land on her. She was so patient but alas no luck...I was producing quite a bit of perspiration considering the attire needed to hide my post baby jello belly was a down vest and long sleeve t-shirt! It was so humid! They keep it above 80 and my brother kept saying he wanted to see the heating bill. Did you know the life span of a butterfly is only about two weeks?
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