Friday, March 14, 2008

Sunny delight

It's just cold today. The kids have been playing outside the last couple of days because of the warm weather (temps in the 40s+). Today they were out again early this morning and I caved. I gave them their Easter presents, tennis shoes with removable wheels so they could ride across the street at the church parking lot. It was too cold by mid morning for the baby to be out so we stayed here and watched from the window. It's really awful being tempted with that gorgeous sunshiny warm stuff only to feel the last wrath of winter a day or two later.

If I wasn't used to the roller coaster weather here in South Dakota I'd blame it on global warming that we are going to get more snow in the next few days. Last year we had a HUGE snowstorm in March, the kids dug forts in the backyard. Hard to imagine since most of the snow is gone now.

I gotta go turn the fireplace on. It's chilly in here...
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