Monday, March 31, 2008


#3 was up bright and early today so I spent a little time surfing the net.

When I got off the computer I noticed it was snowing and I checked the local new station to find out school was canceled because of snow.

What do the kids want to do on a snow day?
Swim in the bathtub with their suits on, of course.

Dad stood at the door and in his eyes was that dreamy look from when he was a single, kidless man who went 4x4 baha-ing on snow days...

I went to work baking. My favorite snow day past time. I finally got a chance to make the sour cream cinnamon rolls that a friend sent me the recipe for. We are having stuffed manicotti rolls for supper, YUM!

The kids and dad went to work on an igloo this afternoon. They are about half way finished.

It turned out to be a pretty awesome snow day. Thank you Lord, for days like this.
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