Thursday, March 20, 2008

new shoes

This morning #1 says to me "Mom, I NEED some rubber boots. Everyone has some but me. My feet and my socks get wet and then I have stinky feet all day. It's so embarrassing." (In case you are wondering two kids out of 24 actually have rubber boots, I believe she inherited my gift of exaggeration)
I tried to get her to wear plastic baggies in her boots for today, but she thought everyone would laugh at her. I think the is the first time she has actually refused on of my suggestions AND she is only six.

So I am online looking for rubber boots when I come across this...
Fashion bug has a buy one get one for $1 sale going on. This is not only for shoes! There are also codes you can use to make this an even better deal.

776205502 for 25% of any order no minimum required

776185902 $20 off of a $50 purchase with your visa card.

This even works on clearanced items!!!

They also have some very cute Skechers at 20% off.

Stay focused, rubber boots, rubber boots...

Thank you mommysavers for tempting me...
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