Monday, March 03, 2008

the old grind...


Things are looking as close to normal as possible here at the homestead.

Dad works three day shifts this week and has already picked up two shifts this weekend.

Gotta dig up something for sharing at Kindergarten on Wednesday and that same day the boy brings snack for preschool.

#3 has a check up on Thursday and so does the boy. There is no school on Friday so I scheduled an appointment to seal #1's teeth.

So, when my surgeon's nurse called this morning and asked if Thursday morning worked for me to get the port REMOVED I didn't hesitate a bit and said, "Sure!" Right after his morning heart surgery he will reopen my incision, clip the stitches and remove it and I should be outta there by noon.

Sure hope the hubby doesn't mind running the kids to their check ups...perhaps I should have asked him first...

I should probably find another thing or two to add to the planner this week, eh?
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