Friday, April 04, 2008

a few thoughts on my favorite subject, FOOD.

Yesterday I went to eat lunch with the kindergartner. I was astounded by what she ate at the lunch table. Just goes to show you what social eating can do for you. My, I won't touch any egg with a ten foot pole, daughter ate about a half of a cup of hard boiled eggs. I was shocked. I said to her about half way through lunch, "I didn't know you liked eggs, honey?" "These are cold, mom, I like cold eggs." She said as the fluffy white and yellow pieces flew from her lips. I didn't even have a reply.

My son, who is the pickiest eater of all of so far, has been eating me out of house and home. Two days ago he wanted more supper an hour after we ate. Then next morning he had 3 bowls of cereal, two pieces of toast and 4 slices of bacon. I was shocked. Then he had an orange for snack an hour later. Must be a growth spurt?!

The baby has my food quirks. We both have weak stomachs and this morning after her bottle she seemed fussy and I gave her some rice cereal mixed with a tiny bit of apple juice. Her gag reflex made me laugh. I have a terrible gag reflex and my kids make fun of me all the time.

So tonight we plan to use up the book it coupon at Pizza Hut and I am certain to be fooled. It used to be we could get by on a couple of kids personal pans and the salad bar, but I have a feeling tonight may break the bank...
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