Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The talk around the department was that a few guys were going to shave their heads in support of Gordy's recent surgery to remove a brain tumor. Soon word got out and it spread through those thin hospital walls that there was a head shaving going on to raise some money. Yesterday, while a barber shop choir harmonized in the background, 26 men and two women shed their hair to raise money to help fight cancer. One woman alone with blond hair past her shoulders raised over $1000 to bring the grand total over $8000. That same woman also donated her hair to locks of love!

It sure was a sight to see several doctors trading in their scalpels, anesthetic drugs and scrubs to roll back their sleeves and shave some heads. They took the job seriously and in an hour had 28 heads finished. They better keep their day jobs as they work much too fast to earn any money as hairdressers. There was even one young fellow cancer patient who used two of her hands and the help of her doctor to shave a therapists head.

Before any cutting began a chaplain put out a neon green box and said that anyone who wanted to donate a dollar could step forward and run their hands through the last few moments of full heads of hair. She called it, "Gordy's I'm too sexy for my hair fund" The music was blaring but there were just too many people for everyone to get a last minute touch and money started falling from the three levels of the hospital lobby as generous onlookers watched the event take place.

As each individual head was finished roars from the crowd encouraged more bills to be thrown and collected. Chanting of names and collecting of cash even encouraged a few who came to the event to 'take the plunge' and cut their hair impulsively. Wonder what their wives thought when they arrived home last night?

It was a testament to the true 'family' side of Sanford. People were patting each other on the back and hugging and giving a lot of money in support of a friend. There were current and past employees of the respiratory department. There were lots of other departments represented as well as the media and tons of family. Babies were being passed around the crowd like it was a big reunion. It was pretty spectacular.

I can't help thinking somebody's gonna have a great garden this year with all that discarded hair to help the soil...

Gordy, we love you man. May the support of many follically challenged friends lift you up and give you the strength you need to get through this battle. May as many prayers go up for you as dollars fell down yesterday. God Bless!
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