Thursday, September 25, 2008

Because the price of gas dropped, that's why!

So I had another dr. appointment today. We are measuring at 39 weeks. Ultrasound next week to help the doc decide when to induce.

My dh sent me to get gas at a station he saw that had cheap gas so I did. Right next door was a Goodwill. I had a bit of time so I stopped, and got these......Boutique style tweed purses with tags and plastic still on them, the prices said $35 and $22. I paid two bucks a piece. Yippee! I also got some baby names books,2 pairs of Sketchers dress shoes for ds, brand new slippers for dd, a pumpkin costume for the new baby, and adorable little white flexible shoes for dd#2. All for less than $20.

They had tons of purses if you like 'em...hope you get there before my mom does:)

P. S. Is it Thursday already? Sheesh!
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