Tuesday, September 02, 2008


On our road trip this weekend we saw a lot of personalized license plates. I decided what mine would say if I made one up today. Hence the title.

We had a really great time visiting with family. The kids rode the 4-wheelers, got in the hot tub, and my dd went to the American Idol concert. She was really exhausted when they got home. She had just enough energy before she fell asleep to tell me, "Mom, you would have been sad...the lines at the bathrooms were really long." Six going on thirty, she is.

The baby is mobile. She is moving and grooving. We are in trouble. We have yet to install the baby gate or lower the crib mattress. The to do list is getting almost too long to tackle. I have had a bit of energy to complete some mending and small projects that I wanted to do. I made a baby doll blanket and pillow for dd and I have a tiny bit more of fleece I want to make a hat and mittens for #3. I thought perhaps I was nesting, but today I am thoroughly exhausted and have no energy to do anything.

Today we are all back at the grindstone. Dad is at work. Dd is at school. I am back in the car dropping off and picking up kids from daycare and preschool while I sub. Dh fixed the broken dryer last night so at least I can get caught up on some laundry this afternoon. I am too fat to hang stuff on the line any more.

The weather is a crisp, cool change from the 90 degree stuff we experienced this weekend. I am NOT complaining. I love this stuff. I put potatoes and ham in the crock pot for supper.

I have an ice pack on my butt for my sciatica and fingernail polish on my ankles from all the !@#$ bug bites I got this weekend, but it could be worse. I could have strep throat, too.
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