Thursday, September 18, 2008

why I don't drink enough water

630 am get up and get myself ready

715 am get crying baby out of crib and get her breakfast

730 am wake preschooler and first grader for breakfast

800 am check clothes, hair, backpack of first grader for the day

815 am send first grader out the door for the three block walk to school

830 am get preschooler and baby dressed for day

850 am take preschooler and baby to daycare

905 am go to sub job

1030 am done with morning sub class

1040 am pick up preschooler and baby from daycare

1100 am prepare lunch for preschooler and baby

1215 pm take preschooler to preschool

120 pm take baby to daycare

130 pm go to sub job

300 pm pick up preschooler from preschool

310 pm pick up baby from daycare

330 pm first grader arrives home from school

345 pm prepare snacks for first grader, preschooler and baby

530 pm prepare supper for first grader, preschooler and baby

700 pm help first grader do homework, pick out clothes for tomorrow, bathe if necessary

800 pm put baby to sleep

830 pm put preschooler and first grader to sleep

835 pm crawl into bed and pass out

10pm, 12am, 2am, 4am, 6am approximate times to hobble to the restroom or get up with baby
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