Sunday, September 07, 2008


The weeks are flying by, even in my present state of aches and pains and exhaustedness (yes,that's my own word).

My son was watching me get dressed for school last week and said, "Mom, when are you going to be straight again?",as I watched him move his hand up and down his torso. "You know straight like me and dad and my sisters?" I giggled and thought to myself, probably never son.

'By the book' we have about six weeks left, which means I have just about a month before my doctor will induce. I am getting antsy. #3 is still sleeping in our room. She sleeps through the night but we just can't seem to get her moved. The rooms are in utter disarray. I have no place for toys. I am out of space. Finishing the downstairs was great but I lost all my storage. It will all find a spot, I assume. It always does.

Dad was home yesterday and we made 18 pints of salsa. A friend from school had graciously dropped off peppers for me and I was anxious to use them up. The peppers were beautiful. Do you ever look at a veggie and think, wow, that comes from a tiny seed? It is a miracle what a little dirt water and sunshine can do. These pale orange peppers were particularly beautiful. I had never seen the likeness of them. My son's favorite color is orange so I was showing them to him. I started chopping and they smelled so sweet. It wasn't until I finished them and started in on the green peppers that I felt the heat. It started in my fingers and I scolded my husband and told him he must have slipped me a jalepeno. I NEVER chop the jalepeno's, that has been his job since our first salsa years ago. I kept on cutting and I even got out the gloves because my hands were on fire. Soon, I had a runny nose. Then my eyes started burning. I took off the gloves and scrubbed my face and hands with soap. While I was panicking and started to get short of breath I remembered my friend saying, "would you like some habeneros?" I told my husband to taste them. Um, he shouldn't have listened to me. He had a hard time choking down. My hands are still warm as I type today. I am such a moron, Wikpedia defines them as 'one of the most intensely spicy species of chili peppers', and I touched them with my bare hands, the same hands I change the baby's diaper with. So, if you get one of my jars of HOT salsa, don't expect anything less than hot. I'm serious. It's good, but it's spicy.I also made 8 quarts of marinara sauce for winter pasta nights. MMMMM. It tasted ridiculously bland after making all that salsa. I hope I didn't ruin it:)

Daddy got the full time weekend job at the hospital. Beginning in October, he will be working every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until April. It will seriously cut into my blogging time. Of course, having another baby won't help much either. I am still pondering if the extra money will be worth the loss of weekends. I will get back to you on that.

My mom brought her lights and camera after church today for some belly shots. I have been wanting a belly photo since my first pregnancy. It was hard to get a shot that I was happy with. My belly is big and ugly now. The kids wouldn't keep still. But, I hope that when I look back at the photos I will remember what an awesome blessing it was to be pregnant and how lucky I am to be a mother. It will make those 1150 days so worth it.

It's been a few posts since I had a photo so here's a couple pre-photo-shop to tide you over...them there stretch marks are the real thing.

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