Monday, September 15, 2008

Every piece is a part...

of His plan, that is.

Friday, I had a Dr. appointment. They are pretty much routine now. This pregnancy is a little bit different than my others because I have the opportunity to participate in a research project called Safe Passage. The USD medical research department and Sanford Hospital along with South Dakota and another Midwest state and (get this) South Africa are doing research on SIDS. It is pretty interesting stuff. I pretty much just lay there and visit with the research assistant while they monitor the baby and ask me a few questions. When the baby is born, they will do a few quick and painless tests on him/her and that will be it.

I met a new assistant this time and we got to talking and wouldn't you know it? She is a cancer survivor. She blogged about it, too. She's two years out, just like me. She has two children. We have a lot of similarities. We spent the whole hour talking about how blogging was like therapy for us. It felt like those 60 minutes went by in a flash. The hospital is opening a new infusion center in a few months and she is on the planning committee for it so she was asking me if I had any suggestions. It was actually nice reminiscing about something that wasn't so pleasant. I believe strongly that going through it changed my life, for the better. There was so much growth in those 6-12 months. I can't really explain it. She is a Christian, too. That was the real clincher for me. I just knew it was part of the Big Plan for me to meet her and visit with her. I soaked up her positivity and her strong commitment to others who are fighting the bully. I may even get on the list to volunteer at the center. I think I would find it extremely fulfilling and hopefully I could help others who are just starting or ending their fight. Maybe it's what I am supposed to do when I grow up? Only He knows for sure, but I am posting a note in my crazy momma brain to think about it a little more and seriously consider how I can be of service to others.
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