Saturday, December 12, 2009

A dress mess, a concert and caught red handed...

or grey socked in this case...guess who was goofing off during the Christmas concert? I actually missed the concert the babies had a crazy high fever day and I couldn't sub or take them anywhere. Dad took these photos. It was short lived and they are much better now.
The dress mess: I had Maleah try on the three dresses in her closet and they were all too small. I went to Target, Jcpenny,Old Navy and Walmart and looked for dresses - NOTHING in her size or my price I second handed a dress from a thrift store, it was awful. Three dollars for a wrinkled mess of dress with missing ribbons and bows. So I washed it, only to find out it was dry clean only. I had my miracle sis make some clips to hide the waistline, she made one for Maleah's hair to match. I tried to steam it to release the wrinkles and I melted the fancy fabric so I gave up. She wore shoes two sizes to big and had to stuff her toes with kleenex. Lord, help me I have THREE GIRLS!
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