Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday Multitudes #575- 589 (on a Tuesday:))

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see...

Hebrews 11:1
In the children's sermon on Sunday Pastor asked the kids something and one of them answered with the word, LUCKY. Pastor jumped on that so fast my two year old jumped. "It's not luck" he said, "you are blessed!"Amen. Faith will get you through this life. It is the only thing that can get you through. I am praying that you all have some. Here are the blessings I can identify in my life a direct and intentional gift from my Lord and Savior.
#575 - one last camping weekend with friends in late September (it has been a long time since I counted my blessings)
a fantastic reading rally program put on by an adorable first grader and his classmates. I sure love that my kids love to read.
a productive church rummage where I broke my hand but also sold a car. The bake sale and lunch was a huge a hit, too!
my mother, who cleaned up my items for me since I was swollen and broken, I am so thankful for my mom, she is always right, whether I choose to admit it or not at the time :)
project season for daddy aka project man, in the works; a new mailbox, roof repair, new garage shelves and insulation, new bifold doors in all the kids rooms, and a hint of actually installing the sink that has been sitting on the floor of my laundry room for years now...and I am still working on the kitchen remodel we're closer than we have ever been before
a beautiful and warm entrance to my favorite season of the year
a diagnosis of mono (which was a blessing because I thought it was something much much worse) for the birthday boy.
an awesome bowling birthday lego football bonanza for my one and only boy, he didn't even know he was ill
a family baking session for the lego cake, if I hadn't had broken my hand I would have never had so many helpers, it was a really wonderful activity to share with the kids
plans for a wedding and a shower in the family, the third blessed event this year alone
a new niece or nephew on the way, a surprise blessing, I have a few of those in my family:)
a celebration of life for an awesome grandpa of my dear friend, thank you Lord for sharing him with us even if just for a while...
a prayer for health and healing of a dear friends mother who is undergoing surgery again this week, one of several...Lord, guide the professionals to do your will and be with Harriet and her family as she faces this challenge Lord, all things are possible Lord, all things...
a new kitchen aid mixer for the broken mommy that came with a promise of never leaving the cookie jar empty, great for dad's tummy, not so great for mom's rump :) oh the sacrifices I make
two more birthdays this month and a full ten days when I will have two two-year olds in the house, prayers graciously accepted ;)
pulling my first all nighter with Nora last night, my heart aches for sick children, she couldn't keep a tablespoon of water down, hoping and praying that she can get through this and without a lot of suffering and pain for her, I am blessed and reminded that I have four healthy children and an occasional illness wonderfully reminds me of how "lucky" I really am, this month alone we have been blessed with an ear infection, pink eye, mono, and now Nora's upchucking and then there is my hand, but technically that was last month...Lord, thank you for all the months of the year when we are healthy and take it for granted.
holy experience
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