Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My nose is cold and I am in my own home. I find this the perfect excuse to A) use the dryer and B) turn the oven on. While it's on we should probably put it to good use and make COOKIES! I mean just because we have had cake almost every day since October 8th we can't deny the perfect cookie baking day a dream of her own.

Addi has been fighting a cold and her naptime :) for a while now. She whines and grumbles every day. "Mom, I am a big girl, see I have unerwear!", "Mom, but it is not dark out yet." "Mom, my mattress gives me owies." This last one I thought was fairly clever and she demanded it for several days until yesterday when I tried to change her sheets and noticed small holes in her sheet. Um, yeah, the springs have broken through the !@#$ mattress. So, into the bunk beds she goes. Shoot, I felt dumb. But today she took FOREVER to get to sleep so by the time she went down Nora was up and at 'em.

Back to the cookies...

Nora and I started making cookies and I put all the ingredients on the counter.
She eyed the m&m's. She watched them carefully. She helped me by dumping ingredient after ingredient into the mixing bowl. When I came to the chocolate she shrieked when I dumped a part of the package in and her hand went deep into the peanut buttery, oatmeal sugared batter. She was trying to save the colored yummies from a slow and heated death. She succeeeded in rescuing a few of them until I finally gave in and gave her a handful in the measuring cup. She was happy to wait until the "tookies" were done to eat the rest.

I love that little colorful chocolate lover:) Wonder where she gets her addiction?
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