Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Multitudes #740-747

Today I am catching up. On this MLK holiday I am trying to remember all the blessings in my simple, tiny life.

Counting these amazing blessings today Lord, thank you I am so unworthy.

a husband who loves me and puts up with me even when I am going through withdrawal from the internet. I am a junkie and the web is my drug. Just before my laptop crashed and burned last week I was talking to my old friends about how I need to wean off the computer...and then the Lord helped me quit cold turkey for a few days. Working on an old borrowed computer today and it is not comfortable and cozy like my worn "in" laptop, it even has all the keys on the keyboard :) Today I will blog, check email and get on with my life sans computer (It helps that this one is running at dinosaur speed). That is the plan and my laundry pile and my crochet needle will help me stick to it.

my health. I am thankful we have not seen the flu yet in my house. We have had a few pink eyes and little runny noses but nothing too awful. I am thankful that I am alive and strong and cancer free. May the Lord bless all those who are fighting with the bully with strength, power and the faith needed to cure thier earthly body. This is the Lord's plan and we will do all He has planned for us, even when we cannot understand the journey.He carries us when we can no longer stand. He is our strength. He will help us through all our trouble. He cares for us.

my forgiveness. I so often forget to thank the Lord for forgiving me. I am so sinful. My thoughts, my words, my actions are so rarely what they should be. I do not deserve forgiveness because I know the way, the truth, the light. Yet, I do not live it. Each moment is new and I have a chance to start fresh, because of the sacrifce of God and his only son Jesus. I am forgiven. I am loved. This is the day that the Lord has made. I WILL rejoice and be glad in it.

knowledge. Pastor had an eensy weensy history lesson in his sermon on Sunday about the church of Corinth. The people of Corinth were people who wanted to be winners, to be successful in life. The city's location led to many passersby who were coming to seek fortune. What a wonderful place for Paul to minister. People who were seeking. My brother gave me a Bible handbook for Christmas and I have been reading it daily. It has a little background on the chapters and the verses, too. I guess I am turning into a history lover. It makes me want to learn more and more about the Word of God and it's POWER! Words are so powerful, they are the food for our soul. Mat. 4:4 Jesus says to the tempter, "One does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God." This is the "diet" that I srtive to be on for the rest of my life.

friends. Blessings from heaven are the people who spend time with my sinful self everyday. I am so thankful for women to work out with even when I gab the whole time, friends to chat with virtually and in real life. Wonderful neighbors and people who really care about me and my family. What a blessing this little village is to my little family. I know the Lord is here in this place. He gathers here with us everyday.

family. My family has grown exponentially in the past 10 years. I have been blessed with an amazing group of inlaws and a family who loves me. There are times, many times, when I have not earned the respect of my family. I have said things that were mean and nasty. I have acted immature and disrespectful. I have hurt the people closest to me. I am ashamed of myself. I find myself asking for forgiveness quite frequently. Too freqently. This is something I must work on. My children need a better role model.

yarn. Keeping my hand busy with yarn allows me to accomplish somehing. It keeps me from stuffing my face with food. I can be in the room with the kids and feel present and creative at the same time. My kids love the slippers even if they are crooked and my friends have been kind enough to compliment my scarves even if they are more funky than functional :) I love yarn. I have been finding the mosto original full skiens at fun places. I love to mix the textures and the fabrics and the colors. I love to make something interesting from leftovers that may have never been created.

nourishment. Food, Words, Family, Friends... I am blessed with many many vitamins in my life that allow me to grow and mature into the woman I want to be, the woman I need to be. Thank you Jesus for that.

These 8 small blessings really add up to hundreds of blessings that I can't fathom to count.
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