Friday, January 07, 2011

Functioning on a Friday

The wind and snow are blowing around outside making it difficult to see across the street even in town. As I opened the thermal drapes for a bit of light this morning and looked out I felt a twang of guilt for not driving the kiddos to school. At least the wind was at their back, I hope.

The week went by in a flash and somewhere in the flurry the girls have caught something. They have temperatures, gooey eyes and colorful snot. Their eyes are glazed over and they are sitting in the chair with a blanket watching George the monkey on PBS. This is not normal behavior for them. I have dug through the medicine cabinet and found some eye drops only a few months old. Hopefully it will do the trick and we will not have to brave the elements and visit the clinic.

It is cold in here today, I can feel the wind in my cold toes and fingers. Yesterday was a balmy 30 degrees and we only wore the liners of our winter coats when we went shopping.

For the last few nights we have been bothered by a mewing outside the patio door. It seems a kitten has found shelter under our deck steps. We moved them to put the siding on the house and they didn't fit back perfectly so there is a small space just about perfect for a kitty to squeeze through to wait out the cold and it certainly doesn't hurt that it is directly beneath my dryer vent where I am sure it feels a little like Florida :) The kids have taken quite a liking to him but I refuse to feed the poor creature and Maleah's allergies are flaring up so we need to find him a home. Besides the mewing is quite annoying at 3 am.

I have been whittling down my stash of yarn by crocheting yards and yards of funky scarves. I happen to love them. I may be crazy but it is fun and keeps me from stuffing my face with food. My wrists are a little sore but in the end I think the workouts are good for them :) Spent a good hour or two following a couple of other yarn hoarders around the thrift stores yesterday. They arrived promptly two minutes before me in three separate stores. I think it was a sign or something. I just don't know what to make of it.

Speaking of exercise, I have been consistent but I am just not seeing any new changes. I like my less fat more skin body but it still needs quite a bit of work. I have hit a plateau and I am getting bored. AND I have fallen off the healthy wagon concerning my meals as well which isn't helping things. So, this morning I am making whole wheat flax seed bread and plan to smother a warm piece with honey and butter to end the week on a high note, sigh. I guess I will have yogurt for lunch. I am thinking Boston Creme Pie or White Chocolate Strawberry. YUM.

Well my fingers are itching for yarn so happy Friday ya'll.
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