Friday, January 21, 2011

Finally Friday again

Well, the whole weaning from the internet has gone better than expected. I try to log on once a day to do my "business" and then get off and on with my life. It has been difficult but bearable.

You would think I would be a little more 'present' in my daily life because I am not on the laptop all day but actually, get this, I feel disconnected. I feel like I am not in the know and sort of marooned on Gordon family island. The internet is my connection with the world. It's not always a good connection but the communication is open none the less.

So, my Bible has been the replacement for the loss of surfing. It is going well. This regular old book of Genesis has some pretty amazing historical implications. Moses really knows his stuff. Satan attacks Genesis quite fervently so that alone tells you there is some solid stuff in there... I am still studying but it is a wonderful lesson. I am using the book What the Bible is all about by Dr.Henrietta C. Mears. My brother gave it to me for Christmas.

Keep my father in law in your prayers this week, please. He had gallbladder surgery. He is at home recovering. I hope it goes quickly for him.

Have a wonderful weekend. Monday will be here before you know it.
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