Tuesday, March 22, 2011

but who's counting?

2 prayer services
$67 worth of pickles bought
24 pieces of cake devoured
2 funerals
a pint or so of tears shed
many Scripture words read
6 or so helpful aunties and cousins who watched the girls
10 pairs of muddy dress shoes
2 wilted flowers rescued
2 ties with frosting on them
3 suit jackets that need to be cleaned
2 toddler sweaters with juice stains
1 blister from too many days in heels (or I need new running socks)
dozens of cousins and grandkids played with
many hours spent visiting with relatives
several emails, texts,calls, cards and condolence hugs
3 beautiful days of weather that we sort of missed
1 reading rally attended by a very tired family of 6
1 dentist appointment
1 tired toddler who came home today from another visit to my amazing and wonderful neighbor and said, "I love my house, mommy"
2 toddlers who have preschool screening tomorrow
a sinkful of dirty dishes, mountains of laundry and a muddy floor waiting while the
stolen minutes spent playing make believe with the girls and helping the kids with homework and visiting with them about their day seem all the more precious today...

*big, heavy, sigh...*
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