Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wisdom... recent snippets from our house that I just have to record...

Nora is breathing rapidly while she is feverish..."mom, I think I am mad, listen to my noise."

Addi, when told she was a little girl, " But mom I am not a baby, look, I am THIS looooonnng."

Addi tells her Aunt "I am a big girl, I wear panties all the time."

Gavin gets a kiwi out of the fruit drawer. "What are you eating?" I say. "Zucchini" he replies.

Nora: "Mom is it hungry time yet?"

Addi: bored..."Mom, I think I have to go to Sara's (daycare) today."

Nora at the zoo: right after a goat head butts the fence near Gavin, "Get me outta here...the aminals are gonna get me."

playing hide and seek at our house: Maleah screams from her hiding spot, "okay, we are ready, come and get us"...Addi "I hafta count first, one two free seven ten nineteen, ready or not I am here coming"

Gavin: I spent a little bit of time explaining to my kids about the burial process before the funeral. When we were at the cemetery in a small crowd of family walking to the burial place for Great Grandma Gordon, Gavin is observing where we are placing our feet and he yells a little too loudly, "Hey mom, we are walking on dead bodies."

Maleah: "oh" when her aunt Kim tries to explain what Bieber fever means. A few moment later, "Who is Justin Bieber?" she asks.

Gavin: "I pretty much know every word now," after the fourth time in three days of reciting the prayer of the rosary.

Nora: coming home from being out of the house for the 5th day in a row....runs to the dining room chair and gives it a hug, "I love my house, mommy."

Maleah: telling me about the bullying assembly at school. "and then he asked how many friends we had and some kids said they had hundreds of them...I didn't know they kept track like that." Me: "I think they are talking about facebook friends." Maleah: "oh"
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