Friday, August 26, 2011

big, deep, SIGH...

I think I should probably start posting my Monday multitudes again because lately I am having a hard time finding things to be thankful for.

This week was the first week that the kids went back to school. Crazy that August is almost over, isn't it?

Ryan and I stayed up late making salsa last night and I was dumping the ingredients in like I normally do, but I was off because it was WAY TOO salty. I threw a giant potato in there to cook it out a bit and it  helped but this batch will probably have to be my cooking batch. I wrote salty on all the lids to remind myself.

We got a little car for Ryan to drive back and forth to work with. We did a marathon test drive all day long and the fourth town we went to had the best deal. The kids love the fact that all of us can fit in it. It has 6 seatbelts. It also has a large trunk. If you talk to any of my children about that today they will probably tell you about how we drove around with the kids in the trunk to scare people last night. We didn't really drive around with them in the trunk, I mean, we did, but only for a very short distance like...half of a block and man was it worth it to see grandma's face. She was so shocked to open the trunk and see four kids in there. The kids had so much fun the only way we could bribe them to get back in the car was to promise they could do it again to Auntie Josie and then we had to promise to do it again. Until we ran out of people to scare and it was bedtime. Yep, that is how we spend our evenings in the village these days, we are real classy.

Actually my mornings are just as fun. My early morning walks have been stalked by two kittens. We have tried everything to ditch them. We even walked them back home one day. But, they are fans of walking right on top of our feet while we try to get around town. This morning I was laughing so hard I could barely walk myself. We are going to have to get a new route to avoid picking them up every morning. This morning we also picked up a dog on our route, too. I joked that if we had a pipe, we could persuade every animal in town to follow us.

Well, I used that salt soaked potato to creat a casserole for the girls and I for lunch and the oven is beeping so I best get off the 'puter.

Happy weekend folks. May you have animals follow you wherever you go.
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