Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is it my fault?

Addison's first day of preschool was today. We have been talking about it for weeks. Since her teacher came and she cried the whole time thinking she was leaving with her. So when I got the call to sub today, I knew it would be tough, but I didn't think it would be as bad as it was. Dad took her over and helped her calmly unpack her backpack and start to play when the floodgates opened. She lasted about a half an hour and then dad brought her home. Sigh....

The house is a mess and I just cleaned it last night. The dishes are not clean, the laundry is not done and supper is not even a thought in my head and it's 5:17pm. It might be  is a cereal night.

My calendar looks like someone scribbled all over it. I can't make out half of the notes. I have no idea where I should be or where I was.

After school I ate a calzone, a hershey bar dipped in peanut butter (otherwise known as midol), an orange sweet roll, a corn tortilla with cheddar jack cheese, a diet coke and a cup of coffee. I have no idea why I can't shake those 10 pounds I intended to lose before October.

Every other day I wash 792 pairs of size 2 panties. I am too tired and too old to potty train.

I want a dishwasher, the kind that can load and unload itself.

We have supper club twice this week. It is fun, but exhausting.

My checkbook keeps showing a negative balance. Money is allergic to my checking account.

We had a nice couple visit the house the other day. They showed up unannounced on a Saturday morning when I was leaving. The house was, well, a disaster. I am sure they will make an offer...not.

I feel like my life is nuts and crazy and then I spend an hour in a classroom with 25 thirteen and fourteen year old's.

I have nothing else to say today.

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