Friday, August 05, 2011

Leapin' Lizards

I have so much to catch you all up on. Is that a sentence? I don't think you can end with a preposition. Oh well, Karen will set me straight.

Because I don't really have time to be writing, (read: children are doing dishes and cleaning out the car unsupervised at the moment) I am going to keep this brief (and random).

1) It's August already. (read: IT'S !@#$ AUGUST ALREADY) sigh...

2) We are still playing baseball. Yes, you read that right. We started in May and we are still going strong. Ryan pitches tonight at 5:30 in Mitchell at the State Tournament. You can listen to the game here.

3) We are still selling our house. It hasn't even been two weeks since we announced this, but I have never vacuumed my laundry room so much. It is CRAZY! I have 24 totes of house stuff in the garage. My sil helped me clean out the clutter to show the house. I owe her my life, or at least a steak dinner...

4) I am not only obsessed with prescription glasses now. I have an absurd obsession with running shorts. Last weekend I almost lost a pair, while I was wearing them in a 5k. Not a good thing. Another incomplete sentence, sorry Karen. I will only buy ones with a drawstring now. The good news is that I improved my time from May by almost 5 minutes while holding my shorts and walking one third of the race for fear of becoming spontaneously naked.

5) My electricity bill is ridiculously high this month. I have no idea why.

6) It is not quite so hot out there this week but I still find myself keeping out of the sun. I think I am allergic to it. Last week we had a long weekend of camping in Madison. I forgot my camera. It was fun. We were with a group of people from the village which made it even more fun even though Ryan had to drive back and forth from Lennox almost every night for ball games. Maleah swam in the shallow lake while Nora and Addison and Dad and Gavin caught fish and I tried to upload photos from my cell phone. It was a nice break from reality. We hope to get one or two more camping trips in before school starts.

7) The SpudFest planning is coming along quite nicely. It has been interesting to sit on the sidelines, kind of, this year. I did get my hands into a few things, but nothing terribly time consuming. We have some new and amazing events planned and if you have Saturday August 20th free on your calendar you should come to the village. It will be a bit different this year with events mostly located near the swimming pool. Vendors, volleyball, swimming, bean bags, kids games and events and much much more...

8) The girls are flooding the kitchen. That is my cue to wrap this up :)
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