Saturday, July 28, 2007

the week in review...

There goes another week of heat, humidity, and crunching, dry, dead, grass under my feet. The other day I was walking the kids home from swimming lessons and listening to the crunch...crunch of the grass all the while dreaming of cool, fall days. I could almost feel the breeze on my cheeks and see the colored leaves falling from the trees. A big wet drop of sweat dripping down my brow brought me back to reality and I remembered this is still July (the hottest July I can remember) and I am still pregnant and I don't exercise like I should so walking home from swimming lessons easily takes my breath away, in the most literal sense.
My sister and her crew came this week and we had a blast. We did the thrift store thing and got a ton of great deals. We took the kids to the lake and everyone but me went tubing and boating. It was exhausting, but worth it.
The kids finished swimming lessons today. I was so proud of my little fish, I mean five year old. My three year old has some things to learn about the water, but he enjoyed himself.
It was my brother's birthday today, too. I got him the coolest UPS uniform at a thrift store and I think he loved it as much as I thought he would. So we spent the morning watching the parade in his little village and I got a few ideas for the parade that my village is hosting in less than a month. The kids got a baggie full of candy and spent an hour or so with their cousins so they were happy, too. My brother reminds me of my dad. He looks so much like him and his mannerisms are similar, too. It's sorta freaky. I often wonder what daddy would think of his 9 going on 11 grand kids if he were here today.
It is Saturday night, I went to church, the kids are bathed and daddy should be home from work any minute now.
We have a busy week planned with District baseball games(the Muckdogs are looking good:) keep tabs on the tourney at, doing some vacation planning, and doctor appointments. Happy end of July everyone.
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