Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sacrificial love

This morning as we were getting ready for the day I said to my oldest child, "Are you getting excited for your Valentine Party, I am!" To which my super exhausted crabby coming off the night shift hubby said, "I hope you're not excited for Valentines Day cuz' you didn't get anything."

So, after crabbing to my friends in personal emails I decided to look up the true meaning of this not too often in our household celebrated day and here is what I found. It's a pretty short but sweet summary of the history of St. Valentine by a Baptist Pastor named Kurt Strassner.

It was interesting to me to find the Christian roots of this holiday and how the day is actually in remembrance of sacrifice. St. Valentine was willing to sacrifice his life to fight for the union of a Christian marriage when an emperor completely outlawed marriage in Rome. Pastor Strassner goes on to remind us of Jesus' example of sacrificial love for us. It's a good read. Thanks Pastor.
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