Saturday, May 10, 2008

Daddy does snorkeling

We drove around forever trying to find the perfect spot to snorkel. We had the underwater camera thanks to Walmart, Hawaii. It was a beautiful beach and the sea life was pretty amazing.In the first 10 minutes we were there a monk seal and a sea turtle both beached themselves to sun. As soon as they came out of the water people swarmed around them and the life guards started barking on the megaphones, "Keep away from the seal/turtle!" There is actually a law that you have to remain 50 feet from the animals so they rope off an area so the animal can sunbathe in peace. The seal was a female and she had a huge lure stuck in her back but the volunteer who was watching her assured the crowd that she was okay and she was pregnant:) It was like sea world in the Pacific Ocean. I was so amazed I could have sat on that beach for days. DH went out snorkeling for awhile and in all the excitement I thought I would give it a try, too. Until he came back to shore and I noticed his knees were bleeding. The current was strong enough to push him in to the reef and I thought, nope, I'm happy watching. Some turtles came so close to shore the kids who were swimming actually rode them. In the midst of all this animal excitement a local started fishing. FISHING! At a public beach with a full crowd. My husband asked him what he was catching and he quickly snorted,"tourists". We left him alone after that. But I did see him pull half a dozen silvery fish out of the water and bury them in the sand for later.
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