Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Honolulu and Waikiki Beach

daytime view from the plane

early evening shot from our hotel balcony we shared with seagulls
and again at sunset...
They say that Honolulu is the Chicago of the Pacific. With its crowded narrow streets we couldn't argue that. The tour buses sometimes have an upper deck and the endless shops provide a shopping haven. We, unfortunately, saw a host of homeless living under palm trees in the park on the drive from the airport. Paradise has its downsides; the cost of living is outrageous and I think some 'cousins' who used their last paycheck to fly from the mainland weren't prepared for the increase and couldn't support themselves. There was a man we overheard complaining he couldn't find a job that required his expertise in computers so he was living on the beach. With a low of 70 something and a high of 80 something practically year long if you have to be homeless this is the place, I guess.
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