Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kindergarten = the dating game?

Gotta take a break from the vacation to get back to blog therapy.

This morning as I bent down to kiss #1 goodbye she purposely moved her face so I couldn't reach her nose and lips.It kind of shocked me. I watched her walk down the street and imagined her leaving for college and not kindergarten. I hope it's the coffee breath she is avoiding and not mommy kisses. They grow up way too fast.

At the breakfast table as I was wrestling #3's mouth open for rice cereal the older ones were fighting because #2 said he wanted to marry mommy and not a girlfriend. #1 insisted that 'it is against the law to marry family' and that #2 would have to find a girl outside the family. This, of course, brought #2 to tears and he said wanted to be just like daddy and marry mommy. I tried to explain to #3 that it's okay for #2 to think that right now, it is hard for him to think about growing up. She insisted that he start looking right now for a girlfriend to marry. I asked her what the hurry was and she said, "My teacher said you and daddy fell in love in kindergarten."

I believe it was Junior High but really what's the difference?

Please stop growing up so fast, I am missing you already...
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