Thursday, May 29, 2008

Taking our zoo to the Zoo!

Yesterday daddy had a day off. Between baseball, yard work, and helping out his brothers, dh has very few days with just us. So #1 took advantage of it and begged daddy to take us to the zoo. She had a coupon from school that expired this weekend. #2 had a pizza certificate to use from Book it for Beginners. So after the rooms were picked up and the dishes done we packed up the van for a field trip.

Pizza Hut was our first stop where #2 got his personal pan cheese pizza and the rest of us had the buffet. #1 had chocolate pudding, shredded cheese, pickles and one slice of pizza. She smelled like dill the rest of the day.

Next stop, the ZOO! We decided to change #3 when we arrived. It was too late. The adorable, too tight, 12 month Osh Kosh's showed signs of leakage. I searched and searched for her extra outfit (which I found later neatly folded on the kitchen table). We finally used our water bottles to rinse the jeans and wiped her bottom with a dozen wipes and wrapped her in a blankie in the stroller. I had 3 blankets along for her, no extra bottoms but 3 !@#$ blankets. Grrrr!

It turned out to be a very pleasant day. I skipped the primate enclosure because my sense of smell and my weak stomach just couldn't hack it. We saw most everything except elephants which #1 had her heart set on. #2 had the most fun on the carousel and #3 was happy just watching everything. It wasn't too crowded and we spent the better of two hours running off lunch.
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