Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Monday and it's raining...again.

My neighbor got across his yard two times this morning before the rain started. I noticed he was sorta rushing it. Poor guy, his lawn is starting to look like the set from Jurassic Park.

It's really coming down now and has been for almost an hour. I can see the water pooling on the roofs of the houses near mine.

The rain made an appearance at yesterdays ballgame. But, the Muckdogs pulled out a win against Lennox (CD, if you are out there - I am so sorry the Muckdog site is not up and running I will try and post the standings when I get them), thanks to a particularly handsome pitcher. I think they ended up winning by 12 or more. I don't really know, I was too busy picking up my babies from the ground. True story, I had baby Lou Lou wrapped up like a taco in her blanket (off topic: I KNOW it was near 80 degrees after church so I dressed everyone in tanks and shorts for the ballgame where it was raining and felt like it was 40 degrees). I was pushing my baby taco in the stroller on those pointy pink rocks and she popped right out of the stroller on to the ground. I felt certain that everyone who saw it was saying to themselves, "What kind of mother...?" and I was saying the same thing under my breath. But she lived, she has a tiny bruise on her forehead to constantly remind me of how dumb I was not to buckle her in.

In other news;

Addison has been cleaning up her messes. In fact she loves cleaning so much that anytime she sees a drop of water or something on the ground, she struts over to the drawer where my kitchen rags are and takes one out where she proceeds to put her foot on it and swish it around on the floor (they are little mirrors). It is a sight to see. I giggle every time she does it. One day this week she went through a whole drawer of rags...

You know what people say about coupons, that if you don't buy what you don't need they will save you money. Well, I had a coupon for Oscar Meyer cooked bacon and I used it. I didn't need it, but I used it. Now I am hooked on a product I don't need. It is wonderful. You pop a piece in the micro for a couple of seconds and viola, hot crispy bacon. Put one on eggs in a tortilla. Crumble one up in your chicken salad sandwich, use a couple on a BLT. SO convenient, so not messy and so not going to be cheap without a coupon. Sigh. I am trying to find things that precooked bacon cannot do like this, to argue myself out of purchasing it again.

This whole not having a camera thing is hard on me, but I am dealing, I am finding my words.
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