Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The title is a good segue from yesterdays post, don't you think? But the real reason I wanted to talk about ratings has to do with Pastor's sermon on Sunday.

It is Wednesday and I am still thinking about the sermon. You know it had to be good to last that long.

He began by defining the rating system for movies, G, PG, PG-13 and R. As he finished up discussing what constitutes an R rating - he paused and reflected a bit. Then he suggested that an R rating sort of 'sums' up the world we live in, currently. Violence, nudity, strong language, and strong sexual content is everywhere we look.

He suggested that we live a G-rated life. GOD-rated. Live by the book. Follow the guidelines that were set for all men through the Word, God-breathed to the co-authors of the Bible. It was riveting, even as I held a baby and shushed the older kids. I felt compelled to listen. The words hit me and made me think hard about the environment in my own home and what rating the Lord God would slap upon my life.

It's not an easy thing to do, keeping God first in our lives. It takes constant attention and discipline and obedience, kind of like what we ask of our children. I am going to encourage my family to lead a G-rated life. Everything we do each and every moment of every day should be measured up to what the Lord asks of us.

I had a great conversation with a friend's husband yesterday. Totally and completely unexpected but really amazing and wonderful. I have no doubt the Lord was reminding me to keep it rated G.

In my prayers this week;

my friend Karen and her father as they mourn (and celebrate) her grandfather's welcome party into heaven,

my friend Denise who begins her battle with the bully with her first chemotherapy treatment today,

my friend Jen who has a baby that needs some tender loving care,

my friends Carey and Sarah who are both moving and will need huge amounts of patience and understanding throughout,

my mother in law, Judy, and her family as they prepare for a family reunion,

my childhood neighbor and second mother, Joan, who is hosting a fun get together this weekend,

my little village which will be celebrating this Saturday and raising money for people who really need it

my friend Kenny who is battling the bully,

a community member Mary who is battling the bully,

a church family member, Jon, who is getting married,

my local school and all the teachers and kids who start on Monday,

Lord, be with those who especially need You this week and keep everyone safe in Your arms. Thank you for all the blessings You have bestowed upon us, even those we do not realize just yet.

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