Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birthdaypalooza comes to a close

For those of you who know us, October 25 brings a close to the birthday MONTH. It has been whirlwind of fun, excitement, weddings, funerals, babies and new experiences. As is our custom we went out with a band. Addi celebrated her fourth birthday at preschool, at home and at her stud cousin's football game. GO MCM! Here is a visual story for those of you who love photos, myself included.
 Addison at preschool on the morning of her fourth birthday
 Opening lots of pink presents at home
Marathon cupcake sprinkling before the football game
 Opening more presents at the football game, it was chilly
 Playing with uncle Kelly, feeding him popcorn
 Watching the game in quilted style, did I mention how cold it was?
 Last night we broke out the carving kits and went to town on the giant pumpkins.
Addi shows off the pumpkin she chose from the visit to Paul's patch.
 Please ignore my messy garage.Yikes.
Happy week before Reformation! Goodbye birthday month, schwew!
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