Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My mom just called. Aunt Patty is not doing well. If you have time today please pray for her. My mom is going out to see her again on Thursday. I am praying for peace, healing and time for me to get to see her, too.

Thank you.

“Heavenly Father, You are intimately aware of the struggle Patty is experiencing -- the pain and the despair. You know the desire of her heart to be healed of this illness. I ask now for Your healing touch. I know that You are able and that just like in Bible times, You can heal her. 

“I also understand that You will chose what is best for her. I pray that through this trial, she will draw close to You -- that You will be her comfort and strength. I pray that ultimately, whatever happens, You will be glorified. I pray this in Jesus’ name, amen.”

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