Sunday, October 09, 2011


October is our busy birthday month. We have three birthdays about a week apart. It is CRAZY. So yesterday after my fun run. My amazing sister met me with my kids and hers at the zoo where we had pizza in the park and then right as we were about to enter the zoo the KSFY truck asked us if we wanted to do the finger wave! Two groups did one and then we were off to the zoo, where the baby rhinoceros was also celebrating HIS birthday. WHEW! It was almost too much to handle. We survived and I forgot to dvr the news so of course it aired tonight. Sigh... Next up Nora's birthday combined with a wedding this Saturday. Pray for us this week! I only got a few photos before my camera died. The videos of Nora are my favorite. She absolutely loved feeding the little goats but every time a big one came close she would say,"Not YOU." It was so funny. We quickly ran out of food for the animals but Nora decided to quench their thirst.
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