Friday, October 07, 2011

Golden Boy!

Tomorrow my little boy turns eight, on the eighth! Golden birthdays are fun when they are little. The rest of my kids will be too old for fun and games by the time their golden birthdays roll around. I wanted to plan a fun party for him and his friends, something he would always remember. Ryan had last weekend off and Gavin wanted to invite all the boys in his class, with a limited budget I had to think fast. I decided to do an AMAZING RACE party. I wrote clues for four destinations at Grandma Bonnie's farm. They also had to complete two road blocks and one detour. Thanks to the help of several parents we were able to pull it off. Hopefully he made some awesome memories.

Each particpant pulled a colored tie from a paper bag to see what team they were on. I had 4 teams and started each one at a different destination for fear of the 3 hour game!
I sent one parent or older sibling with each group on their race to help read the clues and just chaperone while they roamed the farm.
This tree is easy to find because it has a sort of house in it. 
When you find it DO NOT CLIMB it. But instead wrap a piece
of your teams’ colored material around the trunk of the tree.
Then take turns shooting a can with a rubber band.
Ask the adult for your next clue.
Find the tree loaded with green fruit .
They are almost ripe and ready to fall.
Please pick ONLY ONE and not them all.
ROAD BLOCK: Choose one of the following and complete it together.
Eat the whole apple. OR
Peel the apple with the adult.
Ask the adult for your next clue.
Behind the swings was a garden green.
Grandma has since harvested it clean.
She forgot some little orange pumpkins.
Find ONE, use the permanent marker to write your name on it.
Put your pumpkin in the container in the driveway.
Go back to the garden and make 3 baskets before asking the adult for your next clue.

Several large round things are lined up in a row.
Look where lots of grass can grow.
Once you find them climb them.
Count them out loud as you jump on every one.
ROAD BLOCK: Choose and complete one of the following tasks together.
Take turns to shoot the bow and arrow at a target OR
Run across the bales and jump off the end 5 times.
Ask the adult for your next clue.
Every team had one final DETOUR: Find Gavin in the race and sing him Happy Birthday. He will give you a sticker. Once you have your sticker find Rani and she will give you your prize.

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