Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trunk or Treat

 This year our little village did things a little bit different. We scheduled a trunk or treat on Saturday night instead of having it on Halloween. Good thing, too, because the high school football team plays on Monday night in Groton and I don't think many people will be around to hand out treats :)
Grandma Judy gets in on the dress up fun. Some people asked where her costume was. I giggled. She is the furthest thing from a witch in real life, she should have worn a saint's costume.

 My little princess' decided to fall asleep 20 minutes before the fun started so they didn't get warmed up until it was nearly over. Good thing Grandma was there to make things go smoothly.
 Ryan works this weekend so we didn't have a lot of time to party but I made him dress up for a couple of hours and go up to the dance with me.
 We got a whole group of dodge ball wanna be's together. It was fun.
 There were a couple of incognito's at the dance. We still are not sure of their identity. I uploaded the photos to facebook and told them to tag themselves. We'll see if it works.
 This game is called Tippy Cup. We had never played before so we spent the first hour trying to flip the cup and then when the young kids came they told us we were playing it backwards. We are too old to learn new tricks, I guess. No wonder we were nursing our drinks so well. After the young crowd arrived things sped up considerably.
 The girls team rocked. We beat the boys several times out of several times,  I think :)
 Sunday morning, REFORMATION, we celebrated the family birthdays at church with a waffle and sausage breakfast. MMMMMMM it was good. I really appreciate my church family and it was nice to fellowship with them.
 Then we went to Grandma Bonnie's to pick the granny smith apples. These apples are never really good until it freezes so they are perfect now. I am hoping to make some sauce, but I will be content with just eating them for a day or two.
 That tree has a lot of apples, Grandma.
It was a great weekend. I told the kids to count their recees and hide the candy because anything left out is considered community property and will get eaten especially anything chocolate and peanut butter.
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