Monday, October 24, 2011

one week

In seven days our family has experienced one birthday, one wedding, one funeral, one newborn baby and tomorrow one more birthday.

The circle of life.

In between somewhere we had a costume reading rally at the school, a visit to the pumpkin patch, a visit to the zoo in Madison, WI and some preschool pumpkin carving. The photos to prove it except I forgot my battery when we went to the hospital to visit the new baby this morning. Hopefully this week slows down a bit...

Supper...10 pm after the 8 hour trip to WI an hour of swimming in the hotel pool and the evening funeral with family. Maleah wanted a Chinese buffet. My mom and 3 of her sisters and my cousin and her family.
 Flamingos for Bobbi. They look fake when they are sleeping, we had to look real close to see them breathing to believe they were real.
 Nora's birthday breakfast last weekend at the wedding.
 Nora's birthday cupcakes.
 A dress up reading rally at the school where my kids decided to change their costumes for this weekend.
 Addi at a local pumpkin patch with her preschool class.
 The pumpkin carved at preschool.
 Cousins. Nora, Leah, and Addison. We tipped a whole bunch at that Chinese buffet because my kids ran around the restaurant all night long...I hope they made some memories.

We went to a zoo in Madison with my mom and my aunt Kathy while she waited for her flight back to Texas. It was a beautiful day for a visit with all the animals. The zoo was amazing and we could hardly believe it but it was free admission, too.

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